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Dear Colleagues,

Why did you choose nutrition as your profession? For me, it was the growing consumption of convenience foods, sodas, and sugary cereals that sounded the alarm. Sugar is more than a harmless pleasure. With our knowledge and training, we can't sit back.

The overarching goals of Sugar Me. Dead are to make sugar specific nutrition education the standard of care for all expecting parents, mandate referrals from OBGYN to RDN for sugar education, and establish coverage from medical insurance.

I propose we form a network of RDNs who can provide a 1 hour block of standardized instruction to include educational materials (PPT, handouts, demonstration kit, etc). Whether you work in clinical, community or food service, you will be able to provide the education as a credentialed provider. We will use various channels for instruction to include: the hospital setting (inpatient), community (outpatient clinic), video teleconference (VTC), or the home setting (provider house call).

This is what I am working on. Send me your email below and I will add you to those interested in making this happen.

I am committed to changing the tide,

and I believe I know how to do it.


With your help,


Thanks for submitting!

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